Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CANDY FAN

This is a true triple-threat: It has a great Mickey Mouse Clubhouse tie-in. It’s a convenient and fun fan. And it has candy in it!

MMCH Candy Fan 002

A present from my wife

I love all-things transportation but especially if it has a Disney element to it. So having Mickey Mouse flying a helicopter is just too much:

MMCH Candy Fan 005

And as I mentioned, go further and add candy:

MMCH Candy Fan 004          MMCH Candy Fan 003

Now you’re just sending me to Disney/Toy/Candy heaven! And an added bonus is that after the candy is gone the candy compartment can be used for secret storage.

MMCH Candy Fan 006

MMCH Candy Fan 007

I haven’t tasted the candy yet but it claims to be CandyRific, so how bad can it be? You can just see it in the picture above, but the candy bag has little Disney logos on it as well.

MMCH Candy Fan 008

Time to fly this post off into the sunset

But first, did you notice that Mickey is flying a helicopter with a Fenestron tail rotor? No? Well here is some aviation information just for you: A Fenestron (or fantail, sometimes called “fan-in-fin”) is a protected tail rotor of a helicopter operating like a ducted fan. Placing the fan within a duct reduces tip vortex losses, shields the tail rotor from damage, is much quieter than a conventional tail rotor, and shields ground crews from the hazard of a spinning rotor. The housing is integral with the tail skin and, like the conventional tail rotor it replaces, functions to counteract the torque of the main rotor. It was first developed by the French company Sud Aviation (now part of Airbus Helicopters) and is installed on many of their helicopters.

Tail Rotor

The term Fenestron is a trademark of Eurocopter. It comes from the Latin ‘fenestra’ for window. And now you know!

Funny Story: My wife bought a small hand-held fan from AAA/CAA recently thinking she could use it discretely to cool herself off when it got too hot. But the stupid little thing can be heard in the next town over! So later we are at a product fair and she picks up a free hand-held fan from a vendor thinking to have better luck. It’s just as loud!

She buys me this very conspicuous hand-held fan… and it is whisper quiet. I shouldn’t laugh, but…

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