PRECISION SERIES Lightning McQueen & Mater

I have got to stop visiting toy stores! I already have many variations of the die-cast models from the Cars animated movies by Pixar. I don’t have many of them on display because I just don’t have the room to do so. So naturally…


I buy more!

But these versions of the die-cast offerings are special (yeah, and my wife says I’m special too). They are a part of a larger play set produced by Mattel. You can learn all about this set by clicking this link where you will see a slideshow of other models available and a short video showing what Precision Series Radiator Springs looks like! And you might recognize this guy:


If you want to see the above diorama in person, it is on display at Disney’s California Adventure, I believe in Sarge’s Surplus Hut.

I picked up my models at Wal-Mart where they had only four characters: The Sheriff, Sarge, and of course Lightning McQueen and Mater:

precision-series-cars-002     precision-series-cars-005     precision-series-cars-008

precision-series-cars-003     precision-series-cars-004     precision-series-cars-009

Once out of the packaging each model is enclosed in a case for display purposes:


Each model comes with a plate that looks like it could be used as a key fob. McQueen’s hood opens and Mater has a working headlight and…


A working tow hook!

This is a first for this character in die-cast. Most of the characters have a thing that they do, either on their own, or when they interact with their playset ‘home’.

But no matter how cool this series of die-cast models is going to be I won’t be buying any more. Cost and display space forbid it! But if I could afford to buy the entire town of Radiator Springs? I’d throw away the double bed in the spare room!

Each Precision Series die-cast model retails at $14.95 CAN. If you’re interested.

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