Could This Be CRUELLA De VILLE’s Real Car?

I know I claimed to have found her real car before (see the post entitled Disney Cars for Real) but this time I think I’ve really discovered it! Here is a screen shot of her animated car from 101 Dalmatians:


In the live-action adaptions her car is white and black and is based on a Panther De Ville. In the television series her car is also white and black and is based on a Zimmer Golden Spirit.

Not much is available on the Internet about the make or model of the animated red and black version. But while visiting The Greenfield Village during the Old Car Festival I managed to snap these shots:



1929 Auburn 8-120

Cruella wasn’t on hand but is this a match for her animated car or what? And although it would have looked more sinister if she was standing beside it herself, I think I managed to get a picture of one of her henchmen sitting in the Model T Ford in the background. But is he Jasper or Horace?

Anyway, I was glad to be able to see such an iconic Disney vehicle for real!

FUN FACT: In the original 101 Dalmatians books Cruella’s car is white and black like a zebra. But it’s easy to imagine why that coloring would have been hard to animate against largely white backgrounds with the bulk of Disney’s animated movie being ‘shot’ in winter. But red and black would stand out!

Of course, this doesn’t explain why Disney set a animated feature about predominantly white dogs in the season of winter…

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