Found Disney: Mr. BEAN Tells Time with Mickey

I recently purchased a DVD set of the complete Mr. Bean shorts. You’ll recognize this name as the mime-like character created by Rowan Atkinson. And of course I noticed immediately that there was a Disney tie-in!

In the very first episode, where Mr. Bean has to take a math test, he begins to empty his briefcase, bringing out three funny objects. One is (perhaps) an English Bobby, the second thing is a bendable Pink Panther figure, and the third is:


Well, hello Mickey!

Yes, even Mr. Bean is a Disney fan! He brings out a vintage Mickey Mouse alarm clock to time his test. Of course he messes up the whole affair but the alarm clock does go off right on time!

For another Mickey Mouse alarm clock sighting, please check out my earlier post entitled Mickey Visits the Partridge Family over at My Dreams of Disney.

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