BASIL of BAKER STREET Disney Store Ornament

I love Disney. I love Sherlock Holmes. So I was beside myself when I found The Great Mouse Detective animated movie! It didn’t get a lot of love at the box office but it is one of my all-time favorites.

Naturally when I was shopping recently at The Disney Store and came across this:


I just had to have it!

Here Basil and Dr. David Q. Dawson (Barrie Ingham and Val Bettin respectively) are looking over the list that Fidget dropped when robbing the toy store. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then watch the movie! It’s great!


Um, I think that papers blank!

In any case, Basil will get something from it anyway. The Disney Store is now selling a superior line of ornaments. The level of detail is magnificent! For an example, look at Dr. Dawson’s butt in the picture above. No, go ahead. He won’t mind! Notice the hole in his britches that allows his tail to protrude. They didn’t just glue the tail on the back of the pants, but made a hole!


basil-of-bakerstreet-ornament-004     basil-of-bakerstreet-ornament-005

This film is not known by many young Disney fans as it came out in 1986. It is significant for its use of computer animation to augment the traditional hand-drawn animation, such as in the clock tower scene. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then watch the movie! It’s great!


They’re still working on the clue

What is special about this line of merchandise is that they are featuring older and more obscure characters, like Basil and Robin Hood, among others. These are exclusive to The Disney Store so be sure to check them out!

I just hope Professor Ratigan (voiced by Vincent Price) doesn’t get there first and buy them all up so you can’t have any! Don’t know who I’m talking about? Then watch the movie! It’s great!

FUN FACT: Well, more of a theory really. I also visited The Hallmark Store to check out their ornaments for the 2016 season. But I noticed that there were very few Disney ornaments on display. Only two, in fact. And there were only about eight Disney ornaments available in all.

Is Disney pulling out of or curtailing the amount of ornaments released through Hallmark due to this new line of Disney Store ornaments? Or is it just too early for the full line to be released at Hallmark? Time will tell. And while you’re waiting, watch The Great Mouse Detective! It’s great!

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