As Disney fans we are all Mouseketeers at heart! Even though most of us were not around in the early 1950’s to see The Mickey Mouse Club in its original broadcast run, we might remember seeing episodes in syndication or on DVD collections.

And then there’s the merchandise that helps us to relive the fun and music of this iconic program! Merchandise like this:


Disneyland Records LP – 1975

Released some 20 years after the original program this is a very nice keepsake for any MMC fan. As you can see, it contains songs along with a personal Mouseketeer cast photo album. A list of the songs can be seen below:


Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until I got this item home that it contained the wrong record inside. The LP that it has is still featuring the Mouseketeers but singing about the Mousekedances that were performed on the show. You can read the playlist by enlarging the album labels below:

mmc-record-and-album-11     mmc-record-and-album-12

A very nice selection of music!

The real feature of this LP is the 16-page cast photo album. They contain stills from the show along with some pretty terrible copy along with some sketch artwork of Disney characters.









The album cover is in pretty bad shape with a name written on the cover and the record is a bit scratchy. With it also containing the wrong record I normally wouldn’t have bought it. But on the strength of the 16-page cast photo album alone I relented and paid too much!

I also had to go down into a dank and stinky basement and risk disease to obtain it, so I hope you appreciate what I went through to bring this vintage item to you today! I think I should get a medal. Or a free tetanus shot. At this point, I think I’d like the shot!

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