Mickey Mouse ANIMATED Talking Cordless PHONE

If I had to pick my favorite kind of disneyana… I couldn’t do it! But animated character phones would be in the top five for sure. I have quite a growing collection so far but am always looking for that new addition.

Here is my latest find:


I haven’t seen too many of this style around so I was delighted to obtain one for myself. Let’s take a closer look:

mickey-cordless-phone-003          mickey-cordless-phone-004

mickey-cordless-phone-005          mickey-cordless-phone-006

Power cord and phone line plug into the back (not shown)

Unlike the other character phones I have, this one is a cordless version, in that the handset is not attached to the body of the phone by a cord. It charges in a holder and can be found with the use of a locator button if misplaced.

mickey-cordless-phone-008          mickey-cordless-phone-007

There are two animation features: First, Mickey’s head moves from side to side as he speaks. Second, his left arm swings from side to side so as to point to the handset.

And here is what Mickey will say when the phone rings:

Oh boy! A phone call! Ha ha!

Huh, Gee. I wonder who it could be?

It’s for you! Ha Ha!

Well, what’a ya know. It’s for you!

Ha Ha! Hi ya Pal! You’ve got a phone call!


Telemania by Segan from 1980

If you’re interested, you can see the original packaging below:

So my new phone is already hanging out with my other character phones:


I hope they don’t all ring at once!

Check out the rest of my phone collection too! And I plan to add more.

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