Women’s DISNEYLAND T-SHIRT featuring Cinderella’s Coach

It’s been a long time since I posted an item of Disney-themed clothing. Most of our Disney t-shirts are getting pretty old and ragged and are being discarded one by one. So I guess it’s time to add a few new ones!

And that’s just what we did today. This one goes into my wife’s wardrobe:


Cinderella theme with a Hidden Mickey backdrop

There are four main design features. The collar has a very nice ‘necklace’. Cinderella’s coach is the primary ‘character’. There are Hidden Mickeys galore. And the design tapers in at the waist.



And some floral accents too

We picked this up at The Disney Store in the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets in Michigan.


The benefit of this location is that they are authorized to sell Disneyland park merchandise at 50% off or more!


So this t-shirt, regularly sold in Disneyland for $29.95 US, only cost us $$14.97 US on sale.

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  1. This is so gorgeous!

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