Pixar’s Planes TED YALE Die-Cast

Who? Well, that’s what I said when I saw this little guy on the shelf at T. J. Max yesterday. While on holiday in Chicago we were checking out the local stores. We don’t have T. J. Max in Canada.

The idea behind this chain seems to be to sell name-brand merchandise at discounted prices. That is why I picked up Ted Yale for just $2.99 instead of his original sticker price of $9.99 US.


Someone has a lot of luggage!

Planes didn’t do to well, although well enough to spawn a sequel called Fire and Rescue, which in my opinion was a better movie.

planes-ted-yale-diecast-003     planes-ted-yale-diecast-004

But after multiple viewings of both features I have come to appreciate them more and have grown to love the characters.


Love the little bellhop hat he’s wearing!

This will make a great keepsake to remind us of our hotel stay in Chicago.


Ted Yale: Unhooked

The three round bags hanging on the top rack actually move back and forth and you can unhook Ted from his cart. His wheels also move. If only real hotels had such cool bellhops!

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