Events: Chicago Toy & Game Fair Exhibitors: STAR WARS 501st Legion

The Force was with us as we attended the Chicago Toy & Game Fair as members of the Media. We were primarily there to review new products being offered by toy and game inventors, but we’re not above having a little fun while we work!

And nor, apparently, are these guys:


Members of the Star Wars 501st Legion were on hand for a Star Wars luncheon and to pose with anyone who wanted to risk the wrath of the Emperor! My wife, above, took that risk.

And look who else was patrolling the perimeter:

chicago-toy-fair-2016-014     chicago-toy-fair-2016-013     chicago-toy-fair-2016-012

Adorable… but deadly!

And some pretty shady characters were also lurking about…


… and he wasn’t alone…


Along with the cosplayers were displays of Star Wars memorabilia…

ctf-21          ctf-20

If you look closely at the table pictured above, you’ll find a guide on how to build your own costumes with costing included.

And of course I scored a little swag in the form of these trading cards:


The booth for the Star Wars 501st Legion was quite impressive with several backdrops that people could use for photo ops. One was especially cool:


My Wife: Action Figure

I’m not sure which Star Wars movie she was in, but I suspect it was one of the prequels. First Jar Jar Binks, and now this! Oh why, George? However, this is the rare MIB Star Wars Action Figure you’re looking for!

One last picture:


Ho Hum. Just another shift on guard duty!

I’d like to thank the members of the Star Wars 501st Legion for being at the fair and for adding some much-needed respite in the middle of a very busy event! You can check out the Star Wars 501st Legion on their official website.

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