Donald Duck OUT OF SCALE Sketchbook Ornament

Donald Duck starred in the 1951 theatrical Short entitled Out of Scale. In this film Donald has built a little town in his backyard complete with a model steam locomotive no less. But pesky Chip and Dale move in and the war is on! You see, the tree the little chipmunks live in is just not the right scale.

Well, a new Sketchbook Ornament released by The Disney Store commemorates this great Short, and here it is:



When I purchased this ornament the Cast Member commented that I must like the classics. Do I? You bet!

ctf-exhibitors-021     ctf-exhibitors-020

The train will be on time!

It’s no secret that Walt Disney loved steam locomotives and I guess I’ve been bitten by the same bug.


I’m glad The Disney Store is keeping these old Shorts alive with these great ornaments!

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