Things: The Science Behind Pixar Travelling Animation Exhibit

We had a Rootin’ Tootin’ good time at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan back in October of 2017. Pixar had come to town to teach one and all about the science behind how everyone’s favorite animated classics are made.

Hey Howdy Science

This was a limited-engagement event that required a paid admission above and beyond your museum price. But as members, we got in free!

Violators will be shot!

Or at least asked to come back later. So what did we find inside? Take a look:

Not everyone was happy to be there
Life-sized Character Photo-ops
Informative Displays

And of course, what would a Disney/Pixar ‘attraction’ be without the obligatory opportunity to spend some money?

A Gift Shop at the Exit?!?
Sweet Sweet Merch

Yes, I bought the t-shirt above. It’s awesome! And so was the exhibit. It was nice to see that it was marketed to schools so that they could schedule field trips for the students. There was so much to learn and I’m sure it inspired future generations of animators!

Check out this short video of the inside of the exhibit:

Oh, and on the way out, there was a cool photo-op. I think I made a pretty good action figure!

To Silliness and Beyond!

FUN FACTS: If you so desired, you could share your actiony goodness on Social Media by using the hashtag #ScienceOfPixar.

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