Zappo DC-3 Yellow Airplane Lamp

We usually expect to find just about any information we want on the Internet. But not so for this unusual Art Deco-style aviation-themed lamp.

Vintage Décor by Zappo

The current Zappo company seems to have a different focus now, with no items resembling this lamp for sale today.

I was eyeing this beautiful piece of art for months at a local antique dealer but was finally able to make a deal for it that saw me swapping some stuff I didn’t want for this, something I really wanted!

Ready for take-off!
Subtle Nose / Cockpit Detail
Propeller Detail

Now what would a vintage Art Deco lamp be without a bulb? Well, not a lamp. So here is what this amazing piece of design looks like when it is doing what it was designed to do:

Landing Lights ON !

The Douglas DC-3 was a propeller-driven airliner from the 1930’s which played an important role in aviation throughout the Second World War. As a commercial airliner, it could transport 21 to 32 passengers through the skies at a whopping 207 mph!

FUN FACTS: DC-3’s have flown in the Twilight Zone, carried Magnum P.I. on an adventure to Cambodia, have been owned by Richie Rich and named ‘Billion Dollar One’, and has even been used for a chase scene by James Bond in ‘Quantum of Solace’.

And now, it faces it’s most challenging mission to date: lighting up my life!

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