Coming On Stage from the Magic Kingdom Car Barn

I love finding these candid moments in and around the Parks! I have my share of Castle pics and attraction videos, so seeing an ‘unscripted’ event is truly special:

Another day, another carrot

Disney horses are so beautiful! Unfortunately, this guy has to work alone today. Well, he has a human Cast Member to keep him company, but not another horse to share the load.

Are we going to see a car?

It’s nice to see how well cared for and groomed these horses are and the level of detail on their harnesses is amazing!

No car. That’s definitely a Trolley

With the crowds getting so large now I find that the Main Street vehicles don’t run as often as they used to.

Almost there…

Is there anything better than a leisurely drive down Main Street on one of these trolley cars? Even if it is only a one-way trip!

Ready for passengers

Let’s end the pictures with a closer look at the main Cast Member of this team:

Not a car, but it does have a 1-hp engine

I hope you enjoyed seeing this candid off stage to on stage moment!

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2 Responses to Coming On Stage from the Magic Kingdom Car Barn

  1. Karen Beatens says:

    I love horses with furry feet and furry legs! They’re sooo beautiful 🐴 😍!!


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