Disney on Parade View-Master Stereo Picture Reels

Say that three times fast! DISNEY ON PARADE was conceived by NBC Films Inc. and Walt Disney Productions. It was a 2.5-hour live stage musical featuring a variety of Disney characters that had premiered before the early 1970’s.

It had four Editions: 1st Edition (1969-70); 2nd Edition (1970-71); 3rd Edition (1972-73) and the 4th Edition (1973-74). This View-Master set was produced in 1970 so one would expect that it was compiled with scenes from the 1st Edition, although the order and content isn’t correct. However, there is a clue on the cover of the packet that might give us another theory.

Let’s have a look:

Cover Packet and Companion Booklet

The original show officially premiered in Chicago, Illinois on December 25, 1969 but opened for a preview on December 16th in Long Beach, California. The show would go on to tour Australia in 1971-72 and be released as a television special on The Wonderful World of Disney. This View-Master set has The Wonderful World of Disney printed on it just above the title. But do you see a problem with that theory? Yes, this View-Master set came out a year before that! So we are left to conclude that the original 1969-70 show was ‘edited’ to fit on the 21 Stereo Picture discs.

Interior Reel Sleeve
You never know where you’ll find a Hidden Mickey!

Let’s have a look page by page at the booklet and learn how the show unfolded:

Notice that every other page has color with the alternating page rendered in blue and white. This would be to save in printing costs.

To quote another Studio: “That’s all folks!”

Ever wonder how you should handle a View-Master reel?

Gaf was a great provider of these products that became such a part of the childhood memories for so many! Did you have a favorite set growing up?

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