Disneyland Vintage Matchbook Cover

One of the hardest collectibles to find is the full matchbook. Usually some or all of the matches are gone (for obvious reasons: puff, puff) and then the cover is thrown away. Who would ever think to collect such a thing?

Because of the great artwork on the covers, and the historical relevance of such reminders of bygone places, many are indeed looking for and collecting matchbooks. But finding a full one is hard, and is impossible to buy online as laws prohibit the sending of flammable items in the mail. So we must be satisfied with the remaining covers we can find. Like:

Behold the beautiful artwork! From the Disneyland logo lettering to the sweeping Monorail Red. It’s a thing to behold.

Another reason these matchbook covers are cool is because they often list features or attractions of the venue that may now be gone. The replica miniature golf course of Disneyland is long gone (apparently since 1978 or 1981). Pity. I’d still putt-putt there! The 3-par golf course and driving range was gone by 1969.

The ‘adequate parking’ was expanded as towers were added and the land used by the golf features was appropriated. And is the Monorail Bar still there? I’m not sure.

Into every Disneyana collection at least one matchbook/matchbook cover should come!

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