Mickey’s Stuff for Kids Color-Clings

Why is all the cool stuff just for kids? This line of merchandise included plush characters, coloring books, bend-ems, money banks, and numerous clothing items, to name just a bit of the ‘stuff’ you could get for your kids.

But what I got (I refuse to let the kids have all the fun!) was these vintage Color-Clings:


On this cling there are three sports to choose from. This product will stick to any non-porous surface like glass or windows and is reusable.

If you notice the clothing style and the fleshtone faces, I think we can place these somewhere in the 1980’s.


Looks like Minnie dominates at the beach with not one but two appearances! From sand castles to the Hula to just plain relaxing, kids and apparently fish just love the beach.


Celebrate what? Ah, who cares! Just let the party begin.

This time Mickey gets to double up. I guess Goofy and Donald weren’t in the party mood. But I hope these clings put you in the party mood! Just imagine where you could stick these fun not-just-for-kids clings.

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