Winnie the Pooh Canadian Stamps

I doubt this envelope is all stuffed with fluff but it could be stuffed with imagination! Winnie the Pooh sprang from the imagination of A. A. Milne as a way to entertain his son, Christopher Robin. But all these years later the world is still being entertained.

In 1996 the Canada Post Corporation released a commemorative set of stamps to show the progression of one bear with very little brain:

Envelope with Stamp Set Affixed

October 1st, 1996 is the release date, exactly 25 years after the official opening of Walt Disney World in Florida. And now for some history:

Back of Envelope

So did you know that Winnie the Pooh had a Canadian heritage?

Stamp Folder Cover

As you can see above, the stamps depict the original Winnie the bear from 1914, the telling of the stories to Christopher Robin in 1925, the publishing of the stories in 1926, and finally the present-day home of everyone’s silly old bear in 1996.

Stamp Folder Back of Cover

Didn’t know it was History Day, did you Mouseketeers?

Open Stamp Folder with Stamp Set

You can see the 25th Anniversary logo for Walt Disney World in the top left corner above. And we have some nice artwork by Wai Poon.

I always enjoy finding Disney stamps! They are an inexpensive collectible that doesn’t take up much space. I think it may be my wife’s favorite of my expanding collection as well!

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