Places: Fun Pics at the Toledo Zoo & Aquarium

We like to visit places ‘close to home’ via day trips or overnight excursions. Michigan and Ohio are two States close enough to our Canadian border to make their attractions viable. You can find many of the places we’ve visited either on this site or on our YouTube Channel, such as the Henry Ford Museum along with Greenfield Village or Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum.

We’ve also visited the Toledo Zoo & Aquarium, the subject of this post. So let’s begin with a fun pic (or photo-op) starring me, your host:

Just Chillin’ with the Penguins

I took dozens of pictures on this trip which I know are only of interest to me. But some of the things I saw should tickle your fancy too. Such as:

Everyone loves a good blankie!

Apparently in the wild, Orangutans cover themselves with large leaves and branches to protect themselves from rain and sun, not unlike humans. So when in captivity they emulate this behavior however they can, even if it makes them look a little silly.

Together in Cuteness

No social distancing here! But seriously, how awesome would it be to cuddle up like this for a little nap?

“What’re YOU lookin’ at?”

I haven’t been given a dirty look quite this badly in some time but I guess I did fail to ask permission to take the picture. Sorry! BTW, these are American Bald Eagles that were hurt in the wild but are in the zoo to be rehabilitated for eventual release back into their natural habitat.

Look Closely… Ma and Cub Together

I love it when I can use glass enclosures as a natural ‘trick’ filter. In this case, it allowed me to catch the mother Polar Bear with her cub in an interesting way. I did nothing to alter this shot, it was just point-and-shoot at the right time.

Oh yes, this attraction venue is also an aquarium, so here is the best shot I got from the tanks:


‘Nuff said.

One thing all roadside attractions do is provide places to take what has been called Fun Pics or photo-ops. The Toledo Zoo & Aquarium offers up its share:


Too much fun!

It was a beautiful day and a well-run place with good exhibits and friendly staff. If you get the chance, be sure to visit! And if you do, share your Fun Pic in the comment section. CLICK!

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