Walt Disney’s Mickey Maus Cake Decorator

“These cake decorations will be fun for everyone” boasts the cover copy on this unique cooking accessory from the Allstar company of West Germany. 6 different patterns are available to make your ho-hum cake really pop! And these stencils can be used with coloured frosting.

Package Cover

According to Allstar these lovely party cakes are easy to do. But being as I can’t find any record of this company on the Net anymore, maybe it was harder than they thought?

Mickey Mouse with Stars

Each stencil has a Disney character with a signature shape. For Mickey, the ‘star’ attraction, he gets stars.

Minnie Mouse with Kisses
Goofy with Lightning Bolts

I understand the kisses for Minnie but don’t quite get what lightning has to do with one of the dimmest Disney characters (I mean that in a good way with all due love and respect).

Pluto with Dog Houses
Donald Duck with Sailor Hats

Each stencil is 8.5″ in diameter.

Daisy Duck with Hearts

So six of Disney’s biggest characters made the cut of the cake. What characters would you like to see immortalized in powdered sugar, chocolate powder, or coloured frosting?

Back of Package Cover

Remember: There is ‘no limit to your imagination!’ if you believe the back cover.

So this is from West Germany. I wonder if that is a Black Forest Cake pictured there?

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