Hardcover Book Collection: Disney and More

Although I was very shy growing up, or perhaps because I was very shy, I became a voracious reader. One of the few things I would do in class at school was read out loud. I loved adventure stories like Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers, Zorro, and even The Scarlet Pimpernel (you may have to google him!) In time I found comic books which ultimately led me to drawing and eventual enrollment in art college (Art Fundamentals – Sheridan College in Oakville, ON).

So not surprisingly I’ve written for many websites and now enjoy posting here on my own site. Throughout my journey, books have always been very dear to me! And when I got bitten by the Collecting Bug, it was only natural that one of the things I collected would be books. But not just any books. Big, old, hardcover books!

Not the entire collection!

Wife:You don’t need another book. You haven’t read the ones you have yet!” I hear this a lot. But it doesn’t stop me from adding another title to the collection. Neither does the imminent collapse of the bookshelf under the weight of more and more bound goodness!

I wonder how many titles you and I have in common? Let’s have a look at just one of my bookshelf units:

Top Shelf

I thought I would adorn this bookshelf with some collectibles of another sort to prove it’s not all about the books. Mostly. But not all. Notice my leather-bound edition of the complete Sherlock Holmes stories? Whom do you see standing upon it and beside it?

Most of my collection is Disney related with other selections covering several movie or animation studios, classic movies, celebrities, along with an oddity or two. Or three. Or four. Probably more!

Second Shelf

Second Shelf: ‘Ocean Pictures’ records the heyday of ocean liner travel by means of text and many pictures of the elite as they pose aboard in opulence. Walt Disney is featured in this edition. ‘Ford Model T Coast to Coast’ lays out the story of two men who drove an old Model T Ford across the entire United States! A fascinating read. ‘The Making of King Kong’ is self-explanatory. ‘Celebration – The Story of a Town’ gives the complete history of the town Disney built in Florida not too far away from Walt Disney World. And ‘Flying Cars’ lists every car that has ever flown, its maker, how successful it was (Spoiler Alert: none of them were successful), and where they are now.

Third Shelf

Third Shelf: ‘Ink and Paint – The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation’ is a lavishly illustrated and very comprehensive read about an underrated group of contributors to the world of our favorite Disney characters. ‘The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio’ shares the history of two of comic books greatest actual heroes with some amazing never-before-seen artwork. This is only one of the many books I have on the history of Marvel and DC comics. ‘Harold Lloyd’ harkens back to the Silent Screen where men like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin risked life and limb to make us laugh. But somewhat before and contemporary with those two more well-known men was another man who perhaps went them one better! Lastly on this shelf is ‘Donald Duck’. Need I say more?

Fourth Shelf

Fourth Shelf: Largely my Disney animation shelf with a few other offerings. Like ‘Imagination Illustrated’ about how the mind of Jim Henson worked. This book is filled with original sketches and story ideas about our beloved Muppets characters along with some strange stuff that never saw the light of day… until this book! ‘Dog Days’ follows the exploits of four college kids as they board a giant bus in the shape of a hotdog (the Wienermobile) and tour the United States giving out Oscar Mayer wieners aplenty. It’s as crazy and entertaining as you’d expect!

Bottom Shelf

Bottom Shelf: From ‘David O Selznick’s Hollywood’ to ‘Fifty Years of Television’ this shelf explores the big and small screens as well as other aspects of the entertainment world. Punch it up with ‘I Am Jackie Chan’, laugh along with ‘John Cleese’, or take to the hockey rink with ‘Open Ice – The Tim Horton Story’. Why read about Tim Horton? Coffee. That’s why.

So did you see any books that you also own? Which is your favorite read, and why? Write your own story in the comments and give us all a good read!

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