Mickey & Minnie Hallmark Mugs and Decorative Plate

The Disney Store undeniably has some amazing merchandise. But I contend that Hallmark stores also have a great selection of Disney merchandise that sometimes rivals even The Disney Store! You may be thinking of the fan favorite Hallmark Ornaments, but I’d like to share with you some other cases in point:

I bought these two ceramic mugs and plate for my wife for our last wedding anniversary. I know, I’m the perfect husband!

I purchased them in a local Pharmacy even though they are Hallmark products. And I do realize that the place of purchase does take off a few brownie points!

When My Heart Found You, It Knew

You may have noticed the hearts in the scrollwork of the ears, but did you also spot the little heart shape that Mickey and Minnie are making with their hands? How precious is that?!?

It’s hard to miss the Hidden Mickey shape of the plate.

The mugs were sold as a set because of the sayings on the mugs that are meant to be read together. Mickey says “You and Me”.

“Meant to Be”, answers Minnie.

None of these items can be placed in the microwave because they are detailed with solid gold! GOLD! About 2 cents worth, but it’s GOLD!

So what do you think ladies? Did I do good?

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  1. Karen Beatens says:

    You done good, my husband 🥰. Such beautiful prezzies from my beautiful man.

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