Fantasia 2000 Press Kit with EPCOT Flamingo

This Fantasia 2000 Press Kit is a special find! It contained everything a reporter would need to promote the film.

Walt Disney was always looking for ways to push the boundaries of animation but in 1940 he may have pushed them a little too far. Although the movie Fantasia is considered a classic today, it wasn’t very well received upon its original release. Critics did praise its artistic merit whereas classical music lovers panned the handling of the movie’s iconic pieces of music.

Audiences went ‘Meh’ and took their box-office money elsewhere. What a shame! However, thanks to the dedication of Roy E. Disney it did spawn a sequel. He felt that Walt Disney’s original idea of adding new segments to the show should be done, in some way, at least once. And so we have Fantasia 2000:

Cover of Folder

I picked up this Press Kit for Fantasia 2000 on eBay years ago and just recently found it again in my collection of ephemera.

Folder Opened

Finding exclusive material like this is a real treat for me! Let’s have a closer look at the contents of this folder and its press information:

Content Booklet

As with any Press Kit, you need a booklet sharing all of the pertinent facts about the project. The above example contains 54 pages containing production notes, breakdowns of each musical segment, biographies of the filmmakers, and more biographies of the Hosts who introduced each segment.

Production Credits

It is obviously impossible to share each page of the booklet with you but the above picture should show just how involved the project was!

What I can show you is the Promotion Cards. Each has the name of the musical piece featured, images from the segment, a picture of the Segment Director, and a brief synopsis. At first I wondered why the images weren’t in color until I realized that they were intended for reproduction in black and white newspapers.

So, enjoy a nice scroll through these beautiful cards:

Promotion Card 1
Promotion Card 2
Promotion Card 3
Promotion Card 4
Promotion Card 5

I have to interrupt you here to mention that Carnival of the Animals is my favorite segment from Fantasia 2000. Is there anything funnier than a flamingo with a yo-yo? I think not!

We visited the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival in 2010 (?) and I believe that’s when the awesome Big Fig you see below was released:

Fantasia Flamingo with Mickey Ears

Mr. Flamingo has never been outside so he still looks as fresh and clean as the day he ventured out of his box. He enjoys wading in the ‘weeds’ of our indoor planter!

Now back to the Promotional Cards:

Promotion Card 6
Promotion Card 7
Promotion Card 8

That concludes the cards that explain the individual segments.

Next we have two final cards that introduce the Producers, Directors, and the Conductor for the movie:

Producers on the Project
Director & Conductor

Permission is granted on these cards for the Press to reproduce them for the express reason of promoting the movie. However, copyright for ‘Disney Enterprises’ and ‘All rights reserved’ was to accompany all such reproductions. And so I have now complied!

Each Promotional Card is printed on high gloss card stock and thusly is very durable.

Are you a Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 fan? Do you enjoy seeing such hidden treasures as these promotional packages?

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