Snow White Teapot with Dopey Dwarf Topper

This Snow White teapot is called a Small Betty. Why, you ask? Well, a Small Betty is a two-cup teapot that’s usually round in shape with a standard spout and a large, simple handle. And now you know!

This particular version is special for the Disney fan who just loves Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It features some iconic images inspired by the film.

Arriving Home

On one side of the teapot we find the Dwarfs arriving home after a long day in the mine. Snow White is happy to see them.

Working in the mine

On the other side, Doc found a diamond! Dopey is having fun being dopey. And Sleepy is about to take a nap. Happy is just smiling. Sneezy is on a walk-about. No wonder Grumpy is grumpy — hardly anyone’s working!

Taking a bite

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ unless your name is Snow White! I think she should stick to a nice cupper and a biscuit.

Hats and lids off, please!

Dopey sits atop the Small Betty waiting for his kiss from Snow White.

Bottoms Up!

There is a lot going on at the bottom of the teapot! This is where I learned that the piece was actually a Small Betty. It’s also a part of The Disney Character Teapot Collection. And the Disney Showcase Collection. Although it was designed in England it was actually manufactured in China.

Of note is the firing notation: Production LIMITED through Dec’03. Many Limited Edition products will list an exact amount produced and tell you which of the run you have, such as 47/100 as an example. But when it says the product was fired for an amount of days or through to a time, it won’t mention an exact number of units produced. So there is no way of knowing if there are hundreds or thousands of this Small Betty!

Let us conclude with song: “Just tea for two, and two for tea. Just me for you, and you for me a-looooone!” And if you google the complete lyrics to this classic vocal number you’ll find that someone bakes a sugar cake. The perfect complement to a cup of tea, and our Snow White teapot!

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