Lands of Walt Disney World Tin Tray

At first glance this tin tray, or metal platter, probably looks much older than it is. Although it likely dates from the 70s it has been antiqued with fake patina to make it appear rusted and damaged. I do like the look!

Are you ready to take a nostalgic trip around the Lands of vintage Walt Disney World?

Muffin Tin Design

Unlike the more common ‘flat’ tin trays this version has recessed discs or cups, like a muffin tin. Each circular disc displays an image from the Lands of the Magic Kingdom. Let’s have a look at each in turn:

Liberty Square / Liberty Belle Riverboat

Liberty Square is the smallest Land but still holds some cherished things, perhaps foremost among them is the Liberty Belle riverboat. But you can also satisfy your hunger at the Liberty Tree Tavern, augment your personal style with some apparel from the Liberty Square Parasol Cart, or brush up on your American history in The Hall of Presidents.

Frontierland / Country Bear Jamboree

Yes sir, Grizzly Hall is the place to go to clap your hands and stomp your feet so you can keep right with ’em! The Country Bear Jamboree is still playing daily in Frontierland. If that’s not your jam, there are many places to eat and shop, too numerous to mention here. Before you leave for other Lands, though, be sure to visit Tom Sawyer Island (shown in the previous image as viewed from Liberty Square) for some hiking and exploring!

Adventureland / Jungle Cruise

If you’re not a fan of this attraction then you are just in de Nile! Sailing on a soon-to-be-lost expedition not your thing? Then why not head for higher ground in the Swiss Family Treehouse! You can also visit pirates along the Spanish Main, sing like the birdies sing in a Tiki Room, or eat and shop your way around this Land until you drop.

Main Street U.S.A. / Main Street Vehicles

Perhaps even more iconic than the Main Street Vehicles is the Walt Disney World Railroad leaving from the elevated station as you first enter the Park. You can meet the Citizens of Main Street and be drawn into some shenanigans, eat at The Plaza or Crystal Palace Restaurants, or shop, shop, shop. So much shopping!

Fantasyland / It’s a Small World

Cinderella Castle is the jewel of and gateway to Fantasyland. This Land is where you will most likely meet any or all of your favorite Princesses and Disney characters. Check out the Dark Rides, Dumbo in flight, or learn that catchy earworm of a song in It’s a Small World. It will keep you and your little ones busy and singing for hours! That’s right, your children will never stop singing that song.


Tomorrowland Speedway. The PeopleMover. Astro Orbiter. Space Mountain. Space Ranger Spin. Funned out yet? Then take a break and meet Sunny Eclipse, the alien lounge singer, in Cosmic Ray’s Starlight CafĂ©.

OBVIOUS JOKE: He’s out of this world!

But I digress. Back to the tray:

Walt Disney World / Cinderella Castle Logo

I mentioned earlier that this tin tray had been antiqued with fake patina to make it appear rusted and damaged. You can really see this when you look at the name and logo. Notice how they are unaffected by the ‘damage’? And if you go back to the first image in this post, you’ll see there is a perfect ‘rust’ ring linking the images together. That’s a little too much for age and corrosion to achieve on its own!

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour around the Lands of Walt Disney World with the use of this ‘old’ tin tray souvenir! Okay, being over 40 years old is still ‘old’ per se, but not “Look what I excavated from this tomb” old!

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