Jim Henson’s Super Grover from Sesame Street

Presenting the adventures of everybody’s favorite hero. The man who’s faster than lightning, stronger than steel, smarter than a speeding bullet. It’s… Super Grover!

With that, we usually hear fanfare as a blue blur bursts through a paper wall bearing a distinctive crest on its chest: It’s our hero! He fruitlessly tries to move his helmet up off his eyes, and adds, “And I am cute, too!” And that he is.

Super Grover appeared in numerous skits starting in the 1970s. They followed a simple formula: Our hero is flying somewhere over Metro City (after changing from his alter ego Grover Kent, the ace doorknob salesman for Acme, Inc.) when he hears the cries of a child in some kind of trouble and immediately sails in to assist. He expertly crash-lands nearby. From this auspicious beginning he shows much enthusiasm but little to no help whatsoever as the child solves the problem on their own.

Refusing any thanks, off our hero flies (usually into something) and seeks his next challenge!

17″ of Pure Blue Power

Super Grover just may be my favorite superhero!

It’s all about the cape !

Edna Node claims superheroes shouldn’t have capes but I think this hero proves her wrong! Is that little blue monster rockin’ that look, or what?

Strike a Pose

Super Grover may not have many muscles, or be very smart, or solve many problems… what was my point?

Sesame Workshop 2007

This figurine or statue sold for just $19.98 in the Floral Dept. of some store, somewhere.

What’s cuter than a 17″ plaster statue version of Super Grover?

16″ of Plush Power

A 16″ plush version, of course! The main feature of this version is that he talks. Here is a complete list of what he says:

“Super Grover is here!” — “I, Super Grover, am here to help! And how can I help you?” — “It is I, Super Grover! (with fanfare)” — “This looks like a job for: Super Grover!” — “Up, up, and Away!” — “Ahh! Watch out! (scream & crashes) Oh, (pants) how embarrassing.” — “Super Grover to the rescue!: — “Observe as Super Grover uses his Super Muscle.” — “Once again, Super Grover saves the day!” — “This is no time for idle chit chat!”

He will randomly insert “And I am cute, too!” after various phrases. If you don’t respond by moving him in a few seconds, he will shut off by saying “Bye, Bye!”

Not the best at flying or landing !

I was able to snap a photo of our hero in flight just as he hit my bedroom wall. I really can see how that would be embarrassing for a superhero!

Hasbro 2010

Hasbro, Inc. is a shortened version of the name of a company originally started by the Polish Hassenfeld Brothers in 1923. Now Hasbro is centered in America and owns the trademarks and products of Kenner, Parker Brother, and Milton Bradley, Entertainment One, among others.

If a plush version is cuter than a larger plaster version, than an even smaller plush version must be even cuter-er!

8″ of Cuteness

Okay, honestly, this version doesn’t do anything other than look Super Cute!

Up, up, and away !

However, he still rocks the cape!

Sesame Street 2013

This is the latest version of SG (as his friends refer to him) that I have but I hope does not become the last.

The Super Family

I managed to get all three of the Super Grover Family to take a short break from ‘helping’ the populace of Metro City to pose for a Super Picture. Can you handle this much cuteness in one place?

Which version would you like to save you? While you’re pondering that, check out another post featuring a Sesame Street character here (Hint: he’s small, cute, and red).

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4 Responses to Jim Henson’s Super Grover from Sesame Street

  1. Tamar Sberlo says:

    My 2 year old daughter is absolutely OBSESSED with the 8″ version of Super Grover (the cutest of course). He goes down every slide before she does. He sleeps in her crib with her. He is a topic in every conversation. He was MY toy but since she has found him I have given up all hope of his long-term well being and instead am so scared that one day we will misplace him or leave him behind. Thus, I am in search of a new one, either for myself to replace my favorite Super Hero, or as a replacement if my daughter is ever without him. (Also the SG we have could use a wash)

    • Dis-LEE says:

      Yes, what is it with kids wanting to play with our ‘adult’ toys? LOL ! I just had my 5 year old niece visit and the first things she went after were my plush. She was rarely without one in her hands! Too cute. I hope you get SG back in one piece! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Karen Beatens says:

    If all of them came, perhaps they’d get the job done 🤔. If not, the cutefest would still be worth it 🥰! BTW: My favourite one is the middle-sized Grover (but don’t tell the others 😉. 😁

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