Found Disney: Donald Duck and Disney Comic Strip Belt

I’m always on the lookout for Disney-related items or references that show up in unusual places. Old periodicals, television commercials, or movies all yield strange sightings! Such as this Disney-inspired comic strip belt:

Mickey Mouse Comic Strip Belt

Blue Peter is a British children’s television program that was first broadcast in 1958. The program, which has had continuous seasons since it was first aired, is now the longest-running children’s TV show in the world. Its content, which follows a magazine/entertainment format, features viewer and presenter challenges, competitions, celebrity interviews, popular culture and sections on making arts and crafts from household items.

And that’s where the Comic Strip belt comes from. It started as a piece of fabric. On that were laid pieces of comics cut out from the Sunday Funnies. Clear tape was carefully stuck over and behind the belt to protect it from damage. And a found buckle from an old garment was used to complete the project.

I believe this arts and crafts item came from the 1970s. It didn’t look too hardy to me but would be fine for a younger child. And fun! But if store-bought is more your style, check out this ladies Disneyland T-shirt featuring Cinderella’s Castle.

Let’s move on to our second Found Disney item:

Donald Duck Soap Dispenser

It’s hard to make out but this is a picture of a robot hand turning on a bathroom faucet.

This surprise appearance of Donald Duck comes from the 1966 BBC Archives segment entitled Tomorrow’s World: Mabel. It features a domestic robot that the inventor claimed would ‘soon’ be available if someone would give him one million dollars for development. Do you have a Mabel robot in your home? I guess he didn’t get his funding.

You just never know where Disney will pop up!

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