Walt Disney’s Acting Out the ABC’s LP Record

Disney is no stranger to exploiting the child market with various types of content. This is perhaps nowhere more truthful than with the many LP Record releases of Disneyland Records.

Although I may not listen to such offerings, I do collect them and enjoy the cover art and playful nature of the presentations! Let’s look at a typical example:

Disneyland Records c. 1962

Many Disney records aimed at children are educational in nature. This LP Record features songs that teach the alphabet and counting. It also gets children up on their feet to do some fun acting-out games.

Side One

This LP features the more common yellow label.

Side Two

Both sides of the LP feature time-honored children’s songs. This is likely because these selections are out of copyright and can be used for free, making an LP like this inexpensive to produce.

Backside of Cover Sleeve

The introductory text works hard to assure children that the LP isn’t about learning arithmetic or numbers, but is just about having fun… while learning arithmetic and numbers. Nice try, Disney!

The song ‘Acting Out the ABC’s’ is a fun little number that makes no sense at times. For example, “He’s an O for an onion that cried” and “You’re an N like a tilting house.” What?!? Well, how about “He’s a G for a grasshopper’s glide” or “He’s a W for a walrus lost.” And children are supposed to act out this gibberish?

I guess it would be fun trying! For more fun with Disney LPs, check out this one featuring The Mouse Factory and this one featuring Tubby the Tuba narrated by Annette!

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