Wreck-It Ralph ‘Video Game’ Alarm Clock

An alarm clock isn’t a prize. Or… is it?

Who remembers the old Disney Movie Rewards program? As with so many other Disney programs, this one was reworked and then renamed, in this case as Disney Movie Insiders. Is it better? It appears to me to offer way fewer rewards. So it’s off to the ‘Fungeon’ for whoever green-lit the change! (“Fun-Dungeon. It’s a play on words. Get it?”)

But back in the day when the program was new and growing you could get some awesome rewards, such as:

Fix It Felix Jr.

I was bummed that this wasn’t actually a miniature version (just 6″ high) of the ‘actual’ video game found in the movie Wreck-It Ralph. Then I began to think about how hard it would be to play such a small game and so I accepted it for what it was: an Alarm Clock.

Side Graphics

The ‘real’ game in the movie was called Fix It Felix Jr. and featured Felix as the hero with Ralph as the villain. But Pixar named the movie after Ralph, so who got the last laugh?

Back Panel with Wreck-It Ralph Logo

Repeat after me: “I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be than me.” Even if his likeness is put on the back of the collectible? Now that’s the power of positive thinking! It’s better than ‘Going Turbo’!

Control Panel

Can you guess when I took the above photograph? If not, maybe you need to consult a different clock, like this Animal Kingdom BIG DIG clock. Maybe you can synchronize!

Well, I’ve finished my assignment and brought this post in under budget and on time. “It may not be as fancy as being president, but it’s my duty, and it’s a big duty.” (snicker snicker)

“Au revoir, Admiral Underpants.”

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