Walt Disney World Vintage Jigsaw Puzzle from Whitman

Whitman grew through the 1920s primarily as a publisher and distributor of children’s books, a puzzle or two, and board games, eventually publishing some Disney titles.

You can find many examples of Whitman puzzles featuring Disney personalities, often engaged in some fun activity or form of mischief, depending on the character.

But my favorite puzzles to find are those that feature a tie-in to the theme parks, such as the one I’m sharing in this post:

Sailing on Bay Lake

Unlike most depictions of Walt Disney World on products like this, this one accurately portrays the location and activity as it would be experienced by any guest. It captures Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy enjoying a friendly sail on Bay Lake with the monorail and Cinderella’s Castle in the background. Pure vintage gold!

Real World Image c.2005

If you compare the image above with the one on the box cover you will notice roughly where you would experience such a sailing adventure in real life. If the above picture panned to the left, it would approximate the angle used by Whitman.

And speaking of the box, all four sides are identical, and appear as seen below:

Box Sides

I won’t buy a puzzle that has been opened because you can’t be sure all of the pieces are there to complete the image. That’s why finding a factory sealed product is so exciting!

Factory Sealed

To seal the puzzle box, Whitman used a wrap-around sticker which tells you it has been unopened.

To be honest, I rarely do puzzles, buying them mainly for the colorful box art. I find they make great display pieces! How about you? Would you open the box and put the puzzle together, or keep it in the box as a collectible?

You know what else is fun? A game! Check out some poppin’ fun with Mickey here.

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