Mickey & Friends Travel Trailer Insulated Lunch Bag

Mickey’s Trailer is one of the best Disney Shorts in my humble opinion! It came out in 1938 and starred Mickey with Donald Duck and Goofy along for the trip. It turns out to be a near disastrous vacation with plenty of perilous and death-defying antics! Just what one would expect when this trio gets together. Danger is best shared with friends so Mickey decided to add his best friend, Pluto, for a second road trip, commemorated with this very nice Travel Trailer Lunch Bag:

Passenger Side

Yes, as the fender sticker says: “The Adventures Begin Here!” One wonders if they would be smiling if they knew what kind of adventures were likely awaiting them?

Also notice the Hidden Mickey sunrise/sunset over a mountainous terrain.


The level of detail on this piece is amazing. You can see the hitch and the dual propane tank cover at the front of the trailer. Nice touches!

Drivers Side

The detail continues on the drivers side with a vent and one more sticker, which says: “Smore Adventures Please” with two crossed sticks with marshmallows on them. I second the sentiment with my own “Yes, please!”

If you compare each side of the trailer, you’ll find Donald, Goofy and Pluto seen from the front and from the back. Another nice touch!


We have two features on the back of the trailer. One is the Hidden Mickey hubcap on the spare tire, which is also on each of the main tires.

Then the license plate is ‘EST. 28’ which of course refers to Mickey’s first appearance on screen in the Short Plane Crazy. Perhaps foreshadowing his luck with the different forms of transportation he would use throughout his career, Mickey crashes the plane in the end!


This trailer is vintage and old school so no air conditioning unit is to be found on the roof. Only a strap for lifting and carrying.

Side Door

Another wonderful feature of this Lunch Bag is that the door opens revealing a place to slide and hide your smart phone.


As per the title of this post, the inside of this Lunch Bag is insulated to keep your edibles cool. So I guess this trailer does have a type of air conditioning!

Identification Label

Under the top flap that you open to access your delights is a picture of Mickey with the saying: “Go Places” along with a few lines to put your name and address. Handy, as when one travels with Mickey and friends, getting lost is just part of the itinerary! Having this information available may help rescuers return the trailer to your home. You, on the other hand, will be on your own.

Prefer to brown bag it? Check out these great little promotional food bags from Subway restaurants by clicking the link!

FUN FACTS: Mickey’s Trailer was the 100th Mickey Mouse Short released and hit theaters just about five months after the block buster sensation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

FUN FACTS: Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway has a similar ending to the earlier Mickey’s Trailer. Goofy is the driver in both Shorts and is just as oblivious to the mayhem around him in both appearances! At the end of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, when the cars reattach to the train after dangerously careening around, Goofy joyously tells the ‘Nit Pickers’ Mickey and Minnie that “I told ya nothin’ was gonna go wrong!” while at the end of Mickey’s Trailer, when they arrive reasonably intact at the bottom of a treacherous mountain pass, he says “Well, I brought you down, safe and sound.” History repeats itself and some goofs never change!

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