Bullseye Plush Purse – Pixar’s Toy Story 2

It’s rare for a sequel to rise above ‘also-ran’ status, but Pixar’s follow up to the hugely popular Toy Story movie (now a franchise) was arguably better than the original! I prefer to say ‘as good as’ because the first introduction of an idea that begets more of it can’t be second best. So says I! But after Buzz Lightyear, the cute little horse and Woody sidekick, Bullseye, has become one of my favorite Disney characters. I am guilty of collecting too much merchandise featuring this little horse that rides like the wind:

Just hanging around

To display this Plush Purse, I have used the chain handle to hang Bullseye from our bedroom ceiling. Unorthodox, sure, but effective!

Behold the cuteness!

D N A Y… or is that N D Y A ?

One of the jokes from Toy Story 2 is that Bullseye has Andy’s name spelled out on his feet, one letter per hoof. But when called upon to display his child’s name, he mixes up the spelling. He does eventually arrange the letters to spell ANDY.

Cactus Detailing
As seen from above

As far as purses go, the little girl that carries this one better be travelling light!

So maybe you could find one of these little purses for your little girl and give her the best friend anyone in the Wild West ever had!

If you think Bullseye is cute as a purse, check him out as an animal cracker!

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  1. Dana Leigh says:

    Is this for sale?

    • Dis-LEE says:

      Not at this time. I am hoping to link a collectible store to my site eventually, but for now, what you see is all part of my personal collection. Thanks for commenting!

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