Snoopy A to Z Throw Pillow from Hallmark

At my time of life, the favorite time of day is bedtime! Oh, to be sent to my room in the middle of the day for a time out… yes, thank you! And I think Snoopy feels the same.

Oh, if only I was a little Beagle with a comfortable roof on my doghouse:

Snoopy and I have the same favorite letter!

The Peanuts gang has brought much humor and love into the world over the years. Snoopy, the hip dog ‘belonging’ to Charlie Brown, is by far the standout character. Although I primarily collect Disney merchandise, if any other IP is going to slip in, it’ll be Snoopy!

I’ve had this exact look on my face many a time.

‘N’ is for Nodding

Have you ever thought you’d just lay down for a little nap, only to find that your position isn’t quite right?

‘W’ is for Wiped

Trying another position, but that one just doesn’t do it either!

Ahhh! Now that’s the right way to sleep if you’re a dog on a roof (I’m a side sleeper, myself).

‘H’ is for Hallmark

Okay, that last letter was out of order. Oops!

Hallmark has offered a great deal of wonderful merchandise over the last few years. Disney and Peanuts are two of the most popular IPs sold in their stores. I’ve mentioned before that Hallmark often has better Disney stuff than even the Disney Store! And when it comes to Peanuts merch, I’ve rarely found more interesting things than on a Hallmark shelf.

This little throw pillow rests on a shelf above our bed, reminding us to choose our best position and… sleep well!

For more Peanuts merchandise, see what I found at Canada’s Wonderland by clicking the link.

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