‘Baymax Loves Disney’ Original Artwork

Just a quick post to share a great piece of artwork featuring Baymax that we just received:

Flying makes him a better care provider – Ba La La La La

Big Hero 6 was a big hit for Walt Disney Studios in 2014 (the highest-grossing film of that year). Your Personal Healthcare Companion was a favorite character from the film.

A young friend of ours painted this Baymax Disney mashup.

12″ x 12″ on Canvas

Our adopted son, Heb, loves this artwork too! I think he wants us to hang it in his room.

We’ll let Baymax have the last words: “On a Scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this artwork?” I rate it high, and maybe it could even hang in the Disneyland Hotel! Check out what is hanging in the Disneyland Hotel by clicking here to view an earlier post.

Want to learn more about Baymax? Here’s a few tidbits for you:

  1. Marvel’s Big Hero 6 comic books were around for 10 years before Big Hero 6 hit theatres.
  2. Baymax’s motions are modeled after baby penguins.
  3. Your “Personal Healthcare Companion’s” huggable design was inspired by a real robot.
  4. Over 200 signs were designed for San Fransokyo.
  5. For the film’s finale, the filmmakers consulted a theoretical physicist at CalTech.
  6. Nearly 700 unique characters populate the film.
  7. Legendary comic book artist John Romita Jr. has a producer credit on the film.
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