‘Drink Coca-Cola in Bottles’ Tin Organizer

I have in-laws who are currently decorating their home (mainly the kitchen) with a Coca-Cola theme. Being as I prefer Coke over Pepsi, I don’t mind donating to the cause when I come across something that might fit in.

My wife thinks they already have one of these replica storage tins, but two must be better than one when you’re trying to find space to store napkins and condiments! Of course, I could always keep it.

Replica of 6-pack Carrying Case

A six pack of ice cold Coke sounds so good right now! Who remembers buying pop/soda in glass bottles? Yup, then you’re old.

Interior Partitions

There is one main, longer compartment, with three smaller compartments beside it. I assume napkins would fit lengthways in the long compartment and condiments would be separated in the three square compartments.

Despite what it says on the sticker below, the tin actually measures 7″ long by 5″ wide by 7 1/2 ” high (to the handle) and 4 1/2 ” high on the side. So they were pretty close!

By Tindex, The Tin Box Company, and presumably, China

www.tindex.ca is a French manufacturing company out of Quebec, Canada. They offer custom tins designed and built to your specifications.

The Tin Box Company site offers more IP-based merchandise, including Coca-Cola products, one being very similar to what is featured in this post, but not exact.

And we have China. So who actually built this thing… who knows! But for only $9.97 back in 2008, you just couldn’t go wrong.

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