Mickey Mouse Playing Tennis Musical Figurine by Schmid

I’m just going to go right ahead and lob this post at you! Then the ball will be in your court and it will be up to you to volley in response. Tennis, anyone?

If you got all that, then you must be a tennis pro, or at least, a tennis fan. Looking at Mickey, I can’t tell what category he falls into:

Is he serving or posing?

I tried to do some research on this piece but couldn’t find this exact figurine. There is an almost identical one with the only difference being Mickey’s ball arm is raised instead of lowered, like this one. Was this part of a multiple set where we follow Mickey through a complete serve? Unlikely, but interesting to consider.

Mickey’s Backhand

This figurine works perfectly with a strong mechanism and loud, clear music. However, I have no idea what song it’s playing. And being as Schmid closed its doors in 1995, I can’t ask them! And if the stickers and printing on the base give the name of the song, as most Schmid musical figurines do, I can’t read them due to the pedestal base being in the way.

I’ve tried to find a definitive site for information on the Schmid company and a pictorial list of its extensive line of products, but one doesn’t seem to exist. If you know of one, please leave the link in the comments!

Note the tennis rackets and balls used as decorative detailing along the base. You can also see both the ‘Disney’ and ‘Schmid’ branding etched into the ceramics.

Plastic Pedestal Base

This would be a later release from the Schmid company as earlier versions have metal pedestal bases.

So we know this piece has at least one other variant. And it was likely part of a larger set with other Disney characters either playing tennis or some other sport. I googled different character names linked to tennis and Schmid, and no matches came up.

Well, I think this post has been a Grand Slam! But if you prefer a good drive to a fine serve, then maybe you should check out this earlier post on golf ball markers!

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