Funko ‘Pop! Rides’ Jungle Cruise Figurine

I saw that this Funko Pop figurine was released recently but thought you could only get it at the Disney Theme Parks. Then I was browsing in The Disney Store, as one does, and I found this World Famous Pop! Rides Jungle Cruise vinyl figure and… I fainted at the price.

Then I bought it anyway, as one does. It cost me $55.99 CAN (or $39.99 US), so please behold and enjoy:

Front Side of Box

It will be a real trial to decide whether to leave this in the box or to take it out and display it. I love the level of detail in the artwork on the box and so I feel it makes a good display piece in its own right. But the figurine is just so cool I want to look at it more closely!

What will I do?

Left Side of Box

I appreciate how the sides of the display box have windows to glimpse the figure within.

Right Side of Box

Our first glance at the Skipper. I wonder what his name is?

Back Side of Box

Not the back side of water unfortunately, but an interesting look at some of the features of the World Famous Jungle Cruise. Even the piranha look happy!

Top Side of Box

Even the top of the box has a display window.

Now let’s take the Congo Queen out of her berth for a closeup inspection:

The Congo Queen

Do you know the names of the boats from the Jungle Cruise attraction? Congo Queen is one of the boats found at the Walt Disney World version with the Congo Connie plying the waters of the Disneyland version.

So why is this boat called the Congo Queen? For an in-depth analysis of the connection between the Jungle Cruise, which sails in part through the Congo, and a certain movie called The African Queen, check out my earlier post entitled The African Queen Jungle Cruise.

You will also find a complete list of all the boat names from both Disney versions in that post.

Off on an Adventure!

The above picture shows many of the great little details to be found on this vinyl figure. Note the roof light, deck cleats, and rope rigging.

Full Steam Ahead

Nice touch to have the steam pouring out of the boiler!

Who’s our Skipper?

Whoever he is, he’s rocking the standard issue Jungle Cruise Skipper hat.

Backing Card

Behind the figure in the box is a backing card that reproduces the artwork from the back of the box. But it adds some details and makes some changes. First, the hippos and piranha switch places. It adds two native shields/spears, one on each side of the picture. We can now see the lion rock, but with the zebra still alive and well, not just sleeping.

Lastly we have not one but two Jungle Cruise boats with skippers deep into their spiels. But… where are the passengers? After years of jokes about losing passengers, maybe they have finally snapped! After all, they get paid for the number of people they take out, not the number they bring back.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, then this is Lee and this has been the World Famous site called Disleelandia. If you didn’t, then my name is Mike and this has been from My Dreams of Disney.

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