Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins Original Cast Soundtrack

I love finding an old Disney soundtrack! The fun thing about collecting long-play records is the cover art. Sometimes it has photographic stills from the film but other times it may contain original artwork, such as with the example I’m sharing today.

That being said, this LP is a hybrid in that it has original artwork on the cover/jacket but production stills inside. The best of both worlds!

This cover features a marquee-like titling that really gives it some POP! The portraits of Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke are very well done. Often such likenesses can be anything but ‘like’ the actors being depicted!

Let’s have a closer look at this LP:

Back of Jacket

The back of the jacket gives a more detailed accounting of the cast and a few production details. Then we are given a full list of the songs along with the performers.

This jacket opens (like a book) to reveal two inside panels where we find a synopsis of the film:

Left Panel
Right Panel

If you look to the right, the final column of text describes how Walt Disney came to make Mary Poppins into a film. It tends to be a bit fictionalized but still contains some interesting information if you care to enlarge the image for a peruse!

Many Disney records are released on the Disneyland Records label, but this one is on the Buena Vista Records label.

As is common with records, although this is a Buena Vista Records release, it was manufactured in Canada by RCA Victor Company, Ltd.

Disneyland Records was founded in 1956 as a way for the Disney Company to release its own music. In 1959, the Disneyland label became the children’s label, and Buena Vista became the ‘adult’ label, largely devoted to authentic soundtrack albums of mostly live-action Disney film musicals. In 2007, the Buena Vista name was largely dropped.

This LP has no date on it. But we know it has to be produced after 1959 and further, after 1964, the year Mary Poppins was released in theaters. If you go back to the third and fourth pictures, you’ll notice that the image is pasted onto the record jacket. This practice was later abandoned in favor of printing directly on the jacket. So although I can’t pinpoint an exact release date for this LP, I can say with some certainty that it is an earlier, rather than a later, release.

For what it’s worth, Wikipedia claims that this is the original release of the soundtrack, dating it to 1964, with recording dates spanning from April to December of 1963.

I do have another Mary Poppins LP that I know was released in 1964. It is on the Disneyland Record label and is definitely for kids, as it has a full-color illustrated book inside the jacket. It features more cartoon-like images of the cast. So obviously it wasn’t uncommon for Disney to release more than one version or a soundtrack.

If you want to see Mary Poppins as a walk-around character in EPCOT, you can check out the post entitled Disney Photography Tips.

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