Walt Disney World Metal Lunch Box by Aladdin

I’ve been looking for this lunch box for many years but have been unable to find any in good condition that weren’t a fortune to buy. Finally I came across this one for just $30.00 CAN. It is rated a 7 or 8 for condition but is missing the thermos. But that’s alright, as it gives me something to look for, and to a collector, that’s half the fun!

This is a very nice metal lunch box featuring Walt Disney World attractions. Let’s have a closer look:


You might think the lid features the WDW Railroad but Mickey and friends are actually riding Casey Jr. from Fantasyland. We also have Cinderella Castle, the Monorail, and one of the Main Street Vehicles.

To date this piece we have the ‘Happy 50 Years’ in the lower right corner. But to whose anniversary is this referencing? It can’t be Walt Disney World for that milestone doesn’t come until 2021, so unless this lunch box is from the future, we need to think some more. Note the ears on the ’50’ number. Yes, they are Mickey Ears! So it likely refers to the introduction of Mickey Mouse himself in 1928 in the Short Steamboat Willie. Doing the math, we can date this piece from the year 1978. The fact that this item carries the copyright of Walt Disney Productions also dates it to pre-1987, when Disney discontinued usage of that branding.


The Country Bear Jamboree is still alive and kickin’ at Walt Disney World and, presently, Tokyo Disneyland has a version as well.

I’m calling this train the WDW Railroad for two reasons: First, the engine is now faceless and has a slightly different configuration, and second, the cars are different as well with an extra one added.


Here we have another Main Street Vehicle, the Castle again with a marching Bandleader Mickey, and the world-famous Jungle Cruise with a bathing elephant. But don’t worry folks, he has his trunk(s) on.


Here we have the Contemporary Resort and our only extinct attraction, the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarine Voyage. This can help us verify the date of this lunch box as the attraction closed in 1994 making our production date of 1978 for this piece more feasible.


Continuing our tour of the sides, we have The Enchanted Tiki Room, more from the Jungle Cruise, and lastly, the Swiss Family Treehouse.

Condition is everything with collectibles and especially so with metal items that can dent and rust. This lunch box does have some rust but not much, no dents, and the paint is excellent!

Let’s have a look inside:


What looks like scratches are actually the embossing found on the front and back of the box. To see the original paint still in such good shape is a treat!

Now, do you want your kids to be safe? Well, so do Disney, Aladdin Industries, and the National Safety Council:


The ‘Safety First’ message is written in rhyme and covers the walk to school, how to play, and how to act inside the school. I particularly like the cartoon art that accompanies the message!

FUN FACTS: Aladdin Industries‘ parent company was founded in Chicago in 1908 by Victor Samuel Johnson Sr. The company we know today was created later as a subsidiary in 1914, specifically to manufacture vacuum bottles. Aladdin was further diversified to become the maker of the first character lunchbox, using images of Hopalong Cassidy, in 1950.

You can still buy Aladdin-brand food and beverage products today! And you can also buy Mickey Pizza to put inside this lunch box. Check it out!

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