Pixar Limited Release REMIX LGM Plush – Part Two

In Part One, I said I’d probably cave in and buy more of these adorable little LGM plush remixes, and so I did! But thankfully this time I had a discount coupon that netted them for just half price.

Although Buzz Lightyear is my favorite Toy Story character, I still have some love for the sheriff from Woody’s Roundup:

Hey Howdy Oooooooooooh!

Of course, he looks a little different here! The cute overload is almost beyond endurance.

Pull my string!

It’s nice to see this level of detail: The pull string, the belt with loops, how the vest sits a bit above the pants, and even the buttons on the cuffs.

If Woody-LGM is cuteness personified, then this next version is grumpiness personified:

Carl Aliensen

Carl Fredricksen did learn to crack a smile towards the end of the film, UP, but it took a bit of work! A nice touch with this plush is the inclusion of the grape soda badge given to him by little Ellie. And I want one of those four-point canes with tennis balls when I get old! And did you notice the hearing aid?

Not a people person

This is a fun line of plush from the Disney Store. They (obviously) merge LGMs with your favorite Disney/Pixar characters to humorous effect.

The Disney Stores I went to (in London and Toronto, ON) both had a nice selection initially, but upon returning to pick up these two versions, I noticed that the stock was depleting. So if you want to be visited by these out-of-this-world plush REMIX characters, you’d better hurry!

You can meet more of these little guys by checking out Pixar Limited Release REMIX Plush – Part One.

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