Walt Disney World ‘Monorail Red’ Floor Mat

“Please Stand Clear of the Doors” or “Por Favor Manténganse Alejado de las Puertas” if you prefer the Spanish version of the spiel. Either way it’s said, when you hear it, you know you’re about to enjoy a spectacular voyage on the Highway in the Sky. On the Monorail, that is!

First introduced to Disney fans in 1959 at Disneyland, a much larger fleet would be put into service in 1971 at Walt Disney World. And that is the location that our featured merchandise is based on:

“Please Stand Clear of my Office Door”

Walt Disney World currently operates twelve Mark VI monorail trains on three lines of service. Each monorail has a signature color stripe, with my favorite being Monorail Red!

So when I saw a FaceBook ad for this floor mat, it was a no-brainer:

Now if I had my choice, this is the Monorail floor mat I would have:

Rear Entrance to the Contemporary Resort (WDW)

Unfortunately, I don’t have a huge hotel complex to set this outside of, so my smaller version is probably the one I should stick with!

Backing Material

The mat is made to look like a stiff hair-type material but is actually a print on foam. The backing material is black and non-slip, which is nice. It doesn’t move once you place it on the floor! But I believe the material it’s made of makes it an indoor mat only.

The mat cost just under $50.00 CAN with a free shipping special.

Let’s end the post with a view from the front itself:

View from the front of the Monorail (2007)

Passengers can no longer ride in the front with the driver due to a tragic accident that happened between two monorail trains in 2014.

This mat makes a nice addition to my growing monorail merchandise collection, even if it isn’t an official Disney product!

Last Word: If you prefer to wear your favorite Disney merchandise instead of walking on it, check out this awesome monorail watch!

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