Pixar REMIX Pen Set of 4 featuring the LGM

I previously shared some plush based on this same line of Pixar REMIX character merchandise. What I didn’t mention in those posts is that the line extends to keychains, pins, other smaller items, and of course, pens.

This post will focus on the pens. I bought them because I wanted the Pizza Planet pen to go along with my t-shirt and ball cap of the same branding. But the other pens are fun too!

Let’s have a look:

The Merch is our Master!

These are ‘floater’ pens, for lack of a better term, as they feature small cutouts of characters that float up and down in the stem as you turn the pen right-side up and upside down. The stem features static pictures of characters on the outside with three floating characters inside.

That’s a LOT of legal for four pens!

The back of the package isn’t much to look at but it does show the price for you.

Closer look – Different order

I put these back in the plastic tray in the wrong order but it still gives a better look at the four designs. Now let’s look more closely at each pen and list the three characters featured inside each one:

Pizza Planet

Characters: Woody. Merida. And Boo.


Characters: Jessie. Wall-E. And Miguel.


Characters: Buzz Lightyear. Remy. And a LGM.

The CLAW is our MASTER!

Characters: Lotso. Mater. And Mr. Incredible.

Close up of Floaters

Other characters that appear static and on the outside of the stems are Nemo, Anger, Syndrome, Russell, Sulley, Carl, and possibly others.

So why write a boring letter when you can have endless hours of fun just sitting there turning a pen right-side up and then upside down over and over and over and over again?!?

Backing Card

Something I’ve noticed about various types of merchandise lately is that they almost always include a removable backing card that is placed behind the display piece to augment the presentation. Often it is a cleaner version of what is on the back of the packaging, without text or pricing, as is the case here. I think it is a nice touch as it gives you a secondary collectible!

This set of pens, and the other REMIX merchandise, can be found at the Disney Store.

Last Word: Ever seen a LGM cookie? Get your glass of milk ready and check it out!

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