Things: One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Cartoon Kingdom

Cartoon Kingdom is a local memorabilia store that sells all kinds of toys and collectibles featuring most of your favorite characters and IPs from movies and animation.

I’ve visited the store for years and have certainly purchased my fair share of swag! But now I’ve finally gotten a freebie:

Someone took a bite out of my Kingdom!

One of my neighbors buys up estates and will throw out things he doesn’t feel have monetary value. So today was garbage day and lo and behold, I drove by his place to see the above sign just sitting there to be picked up!

But it had a broken corner. For a split second I considered leaving it to the garbage man, but then I realized that I could ‘fix’ it:

Captain Jigsaw to the rescue!

With the purchase of a new blade for my jigsaw I was able to crop the ends to make a ‘new’ sign that looks great! But where do you put a sign that is over six feet long? Why, in the house, of course:

A new lease on life

My laundry room just happens to have a bare wall just the right length to accommodate such a large piece. I would have knocked a wall out if it didn’t. I’m not kidding.

The one that didn’t get away!

So just how big is it? This is no fish story–it’s a little over 24″ high by a whopping 80″ long. Almost my entire wingspan! Two holes, some hooks and chain, and now it hangs in all its glory upon my wall. Below is a low resolution picture of the original location with this old signage:

You can visit the Cartoon Kingdom website here. The new brick and mortar location can be found at 4114 Walker Road, Windsor, Ontario, here in Canada.

FUN STORY: My wife didn’t see me working on the sign. And when I brought it into the house, she still didn’t turn around to see what I was doing. I yelled ‘Ta-daaaa!’ to get her attention and waited to see her expression upon seeing such a monstrosity. To her credit, she took it in stride. So I had to up my game. I told her I paid $250.00 for it and that got a reaction! She seemed relieved to learn I got it for free. Women.

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