30th Anniversary Splash Mountain Funko Pop! Figures

As of the writing of this post Splash Mountain is due to be replaced by a different themed overlay. A ‘Save Splash Mountain’ initiative has been started but is unlikely to change the outcome. Due to the escalating dislike for the source material, Song of the South, Disney is not going to risk offending any part of its audience by continuing to link the company to anything that might be considered racist.

But they apparently have no problem with making money off merchandise based on the animated characters from this problematic film or the ride they inspired! This works for me as I love both!

With that all said, and all and any disclaimers necessary, let’s have a look at a particularly special piece of Splash Mountain merchandise:

In all its boxed glory!

Splash Mountain was first opened in Critter Country at Disneyland on July 17th, 1989. So the 30th Anniversary would be in 2019, when the three-figure set above was released.

Leave boxed, or unbox?

Some Funko Pop! figures come in packages that are unremarkable and so I tend to remove the figures and display them separately, often throwing away the box. But sometimes the box is as unique and collectible as the figures! Such is the case with this set, so I think the three Br’er animals will be staying inside for display.

Back of the Box

I love the logo for this set! The three ‘frenemies’ seem to have had a good time on the ride with Br’er Rabbit taking the brunt of the water. He’s soaked!

Temporary Parole

I’ve granted them a brief furlough so they can pose for you. But after this post, it’s back in the box for everyone!

Removable Backing Card

Each Funko Pop! box set has a backing card with a themed picture to accent the character(s) inside. Some are more elaborate than others, with this one simply depicting a wood grain wall. These backing cards are used because of the printing process used to create the boxes. They print on one side and then fold the cardboard into the final shape. But this leaves a plain cardboard-colored background inside, behind the characters. By inserting a separate backing card, it looks better for display.

Now let’s have a closer look at the figures themselves:

Br’er Rabbit: “Don’t worry about me! I can take care of myself!”

Br’er Rabbit was voiced by Johnny Lee (and James Baskett in some scenes).

Br’er Fox: “I got him this time!”

Br’er Fox was voiced by James Baskett (who also played Uncle Remus).

Br’er Bear: “You said this was a Laughing Place. And I ain’t laughing.”

Br’er Bear was voiced by Nick Stewart.

I like how each character is given a prop specific to their story arc.

Cheap at half the price!

As a Theme Park Exclusive, this set came with a hefty price tag: $69.99 CAN. Usually these sets would only be sold in the Parks, but being as it’s over a year past the release date, I was able to pick this set up at a liquidation store.

I think they all need a ‘Time Out’!

So while I was typing this post, the three rascals got into a scrap. Apparently someone failed to say ‘Howdy!’ which that started a brouhaha and required me to intervene. I’ve put them in a Time Out until they chill.

Are you sad to see Splash Mountain go? Or do you believe it’s time to update the attraction? Let me know in the comments! And if you would like to see some more Splash Mountain goodness, check out this post. See you there!

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