The Dueling Guitars of Big Al – Money Banks

The Country Bear Jamboree has got to be one of the corniest shows ever to appear in a Disney Park… and I love it!

Big Al is definitely a stand-out character as he drawls his way through Blood on the Saddle and gives a little chuckle when he’s done. Classic!

Happy Version

In this post I’m featuring two different versions of a Big Al Money Bank. Both are made of a bisque or ceramic substance and have some nice detailing. This version is certainly the more colorful of the two!

Note the ‘Big Al’ moniker on his guitar? Even a bear knows that branding is the key to success in the music business!

I wonder if he knows that he has a slot in his back?
Handsome from any angle!

Bottoms up:

As you can see, he is missing his plug. That sounds deeply personal and unfortunate. Moving on, I always feel that it devalues a money bank if it is missing the plug, even though it is quite common.

And now to my favorite of the Dueling Guitars:

Gloomy Version

This version has a monochrome palate making him seem like he is made out of wood, which is fitting for a bear that lives and… does other things in the woods.


Oh, Big Al! Is that moonshine down beside ya thare? You’d think he’d be a happpier bear with that kind of stimulation near by!


Ouch! But we need to get the money in somehow.

Walt Disney Productions
This image just seems wrong!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have found a plug in the wild!

Is this not enough Big Al for ya? Then check out a Plush Version and a Big Al Patch I got from my D23 Membership.

We hope that you’ll be coming back again.
That you’ll drop in and see us now and then.
We’ve done our very best to please
With just the “bear” necessities.
We hope that you’ll be coming back again.

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