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Commercial Artwork and Caricatures

Although I was planning a career in the Arts, that didn’t pan out for me. But over the years I have dabbled a bit in commercial art. In the mid-80’s I worked for a small town newspaper supplying all of … Continue reading

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Disneyland Pinball Game by Wolverine Toy

Who doesn’t like a game of pinball? But who has room in their home for a full-size version? Not me! So I was delighted to find this fun table version with a Disneyland theme: Tinkerbell is on hand to help … Continue reading

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‘The Sword and the Rose’ Advertising Page

After the Second World War, Disney had money trapped in Europe. He couldn’t remove the funds for use in America so he decided to use it to make live-action films in England. Although you likely haven’t heard of this particular … Continue reading

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‘Something Wild!’ Card Game of Character Combos

I’ve been collecting a few Funko Pop! figurines but only recently knew that the company also produced a card game called Something Wild! Let’s have a look at the packaging: This game comes in a few variations with each containing … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse Collectible Spoons by Monogram

I promise this is my last post on spoons! Until I buy more. So we’ve talked before about how Disney likes to imprint single images on many different products. Here we have an example of the same image being imprinted … Continue reading

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TIN TOY Short by Pixar – Tinny Collectible Figurines

“Tin Toy” marked the first time a character with lifelike bendable arms and knees, surfaces, and facial components was animated digitally. The challenge was balancing its “cartoony” look with a baby’s real looks. If you’ve seen the Short, I think … Continue reading

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Subtracted Density Photographic Artwork

I took the Art Fundamentals course at Sheridan College in Oakville, ON. It exposed students like me to the widest variety of art forms in the hope that it would help us to pick a main avenue of artistic study. … Continue reading

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Disney MGM Studios Decorative Plate

Disney and MGM have gone their separate ways now, but the partnership did yield some great synergy (The Great Movie Ride) and some great merchandise. It may not look like much, but a closer inspection should give us some reasons … Continue reading

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Theme Park Spoons from Walt Disney World

Disney’s business model when it comes to the Theme Parks is simple: They count on your vacation dollars staying in the Parks first by admission prices, then with food, and then with every imaginable product they can slap a Disney … Continue reading

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Popcorn Light Fixture from Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

Today, January 13th, is our 31st Wedding Anniversary! I can’t help but think of some of the firsts we embarked on together, way back then. Like our first stay at Walt Disney World which lasted 14 nights and 15 days. … Continue reading

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