Mickey Mouse Races into 2021 in a Porsche

And a Formula 1 Car

As I’ve mentioned before, I love it when Mickey gets behind the wheel! And you know when he does it, he’s going to do it in style!

Case in point is this sweet ride, a canary yellow Porsche:

Dig the license plate!

M-1989 gives us the year this toy was made, and identifies the car as a 1989 Porsche 911, one of the most iconic models on the planet! And what else would Mickey cruise around in?

Unlike most of the cars Mickey drives, this one is not powered by friction. You have to wind this one up.

I think he took the corner too fast!

This toy was made in Japan by the Masudaya Corporation. Masudaya, also known as Masudaya Modern Toys, is a Japanese toy maker which is one of the leading builders of mechanical and battery operated toys. The trademark is Walt Disney Company.

But Mickey doesn’t limit his driving to the open roads. Sometimes he likes to take some laps on the track. And for that, he drives:

Looking cool in his racing suit, Mickey is ready to hit the circuit for the win in 1928! And you all know why that year is significant, right?

This car returns to the friction locomotion we are used to with Mickey’s rides. And in case you weren’t aware, Mickey is both a Champion and a Disney Character.

M-1 stands for Mickey-1 instead of Formula 1. See what they did there?

And again Mickey takes the corner too fast!

We learn from the undercarriage that this car was also made in Japan by the Masudaya Corporation, but this time, in 1988.

Both of these cars still work. The condition would be considered ‘good’, as there are many scratches and signs of wear. Durn kids! Why do they have to play with the toys I’m trying to collect?

You can find more Disney-related cars in the post entitled Chevron Autopia Die-cast Model Cars. Race ya there!

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