Orange Sipper with Mickey Mouse Image

Due to the citrus theme of the sipper it was likely sold in Walt Disney World in Florida. Walt’s second Park used to be covered in orange trees, so it’s not a stretch to connect this collectible to that location.

Let’s have a taste:

Walt Disney Productions

So when was this sipper produced? Here is what an earlier article on this blog had to say about the WDP trademark: “Walt Disney Productions 1929 until 1986 – This trademark crosses the most amounts of years. So one piece trademarked ‘WDP’ could be old and valuable while another could be newer and relatively worthless. This trademark can be spelled out in full or shortened to the ‘WDP’ letters, or even to ‘Walt Disney Prod’ with all versions being fairly common. It usually depended on how much room was available on the piece in question as to which one was used.” You can read the full post to learn more about Disney trademarks by clicking here.

If it is from Walt Disney World, that would place the manufacture and sale of this sipper between 1971 and 1986.

Plastic Fruit
Missing Straw

Am I worried that the value of this collectible is diminished by the absence of a straw? Not at all! Cast Members likely used generic straws when selling this sipper to guests.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thirsty!

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  1. dariusmarley says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I actually had one of these! Got it some time in the early 1980s when I went to Disneyland in California. Seeing the photos on your blog sure brought back a flood of memories.

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