Theme Park Spoons from Walt Disney World

Disney’s business model when it comes to the Theme Parks is simple: They count on your vacation dollars staying in the Parks first by admission prices, then with food, and then with every imaginable product they can slap a Disney character on. And we love it!

And like any retail business, they know that volume trumps price, and so Disney offers lots of little items to entice us. Like these wonderful Theme Park Spoons:

Pretty in a Row

I only have three spoons from this set. I imagine there would have been a spoon specifically for the Magic Kingdom, but I could be wrong. Also, there wouldn’t be a spoon for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as it wouldn’t be built until 1998, some time after this set was released.

Let’s start with the first spoon featuring Walt Disney World:

A vintage-looking Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse wave amidst a flower garden in this very 80’s image. Walt Disney World was opened in 1971 but, as we will see, this spoon was released much later.

So let’s continue with the next spoon, featuring Epcot Center:

A very nice artist rendering of Spaceship Earth here. Epcot Center opened in 1982 and had its name changed to EPCOT in 1994.

More on what these dates mean later, but now let’s have a look at the third spoon featuring Disney MGM Studios:

Dapper Mickey and Glamorous Minnie are stepping out for a movie premiere in this image. Disney MGM Studios was opened in 1989 and renamed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2008.

Trademark Stamp

The Disney Trademark shown above doesn’t really help us to date these spoons. This trademark has been used across many decades and periods of Disney merchandising. But we can say with certainty that they were produced between 1989 (when Disney MGM Studios opened) and 1994 (when Epcot Center changed to EPCOT). Sound reasonable?

Makers Mark

It’s very unusual to find Disney merchandise Made in Australia! As you can tell from the tarnishing, these spoons are silverplated.

Base Detail

This leaf embellishment is a very nice touch on the back of each spoon. Although it’s hard to figure out what it has to do with the overall Theme Park motif.

I hope you enjoyed our look back at the Theme Parks via these small pieces of merchandise! How many of your Disney Dollars have been left behind in the Parks?

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  1. Mike Ellis says:

    Good post, Lee! I found this online with regards to the spoons — but I don’t think it’s the same set that you have. Still, have a look:

    As for Disney Dollars, I bought them for sending to clients back in the day, but now I have 8 very crisp $1 Disney Dollars that I am not getting rid of; thinking they may be worth something one day. 🙂 Have a great day!

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