TIN TOY Short by Pixar – Tinny Collectible Figurines

“Tin Toy” marked the first time a character with lifelike bendable arms and knees, surfaces, and facial components was animated digitally. The challenge was balancing its “cartoony” look with a baby’s real looks. If you’ve seen the Short, I think you’ll agree that Tinny came off looking WAY better than the baby! The reward: an Academy Award® for Best Animated Short Film.

At first, there wasn’t a lot of merchandise featuring the character of Tinny. But as Pixar films and subsequent characters from them became immensely popular, it was only a matter of time before earlier efforts were exploited for toy dollars!

And that’s fine with me when the marketing people come up with wonderful things like these:

On the right we see a pretty faithful model of the character. It is metal and waddles across the floor when wound up. You can watch the video below to see him in action! He has an unusual winding mechanism.

On the left we have a vinyl figurine from the Disney Store Remix series featuring classic Disney/Pixar characters reinvented as LGMs (Little Green Men) from the Toy Story franchise. It just sits there.

“About face! March!”

“Parade… Rest!”

I thought this was a plush figure when I picked him out online and so was surprised when this small vinyl figure arrived instead. Shows the importance of fully reading the description before putting things in your cart! Still a nice addition to my collection, though.

If you want to see what I thought I was getting, you can check out my complete collection of Remix Plushes by clicking the link.

I can’t remember where I purchased this little guy but I remember being instantly smitten with him when I first saw him!

And as previously mentioned, below is a short video of Tinny in action:

Do you enjoy the very early Shorts by Pixar? If so, you should try to find some of their even earlier work on commercials. The animation is very interesting!

“Viewers… dismissed!”

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